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Dear Valued Patients,

In order to protect those most vulnerable in the community, our patients, staff and our families from COVID19, we have limited our practice to treating dental emergencies only.

At this stage we are closed, working on-call to help those in genuine need.

If you have an emergency as outlined below, please either call our practice on (02) 9130-4827 and leave a detailed message or via our Contact Form.


It is safe to visit the dentist, but due to the increasing community transmission of COVID-19 and Level 3 restrictions on daily practices in Australia by AHPPC, dental clinics have been advised to limit treatments to those that do not generate aerosols or where they are deemed as urgent

What is considered 'Urgent' treatment?

Urgent dental treatment includes those conditions that cause significant pain, infection or which directly affect your health and well-being. Examples include;

  • Severe dental pain, usually affecting sleep.
  • An abscess or infection within the mouth.
  • Tooth fracture where the nerve becomes exposed.
  • Dental trauma from accidents or sports causing teeth to be knocked out or moved from their original place in the mouth.
  • Medically necessary dental treatment prior to medical or surgical procedures that cannot be delayed.

A dental emergency is a situation that requires immediate treatment. This can include; facial swelling, facial trauma, uncontrolled bleeding. Both facial swelling and trauma have the potential to affect your airway. Immediate treatment should be sought for these conditions. Please contact emergency services on 000 to arrange assessment and transfer to hospital as required.



Bondi family dentist.

At Bondi Dentistry we are wholly committed to the practice of dentistry that is affordable, honest and gentle. Utilising the latest technologies available to dentists, our aim is to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible while we ensure that your dental health is at its best.

We have been providing our patients with the very best of preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental treatments for over 20 years. When it comes you you and your family's dental health we do not compromise on the quality of dental work and believe that a thorough job is of utmost importance.

Our dental practice has been built on the foundation that fair pricing, upfront honesty and the ability to relax the most nervous of patients, thus attributing to our success for over two decades.

Or dental practice, located in the heart of Bondi Beach, is equipped with the technologies, tools and expertise to deal with all your emergency, general and cosmetic dental needs, whilst being strongly affiliated with some of the best dentists and dental specialists around for any specialist work you may need to be referred for.

Our ability and willingness to accommodate our patients and their needs allows us to be flexible when scheduling dentist appointments, so ask us if you have any special needs or requirements that might be outside of our regular operating hours.

What are you waiting for? Book your dentist appointment today, and let us take care of your teeth for you.

What Our Patients Have To Say

16-12-2019, 18:04
Just under a month ago I decided to change my life and get my teeth fixed up after many years of neglect. I went to Bondi Dentistry anxious as … read more
16-07-2019, 17:19
Amazing and satisfying results! Helen is very professional and helps reassure patients that don't love the dentist haha? much appreciated Helen so we … read more
16-07-2019, 17:19
Amazing and satisfying results! Helen is very professional and helps reassure patients that don't love the dentist haha? much appreciated Helen so we … read more

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